In the cloud, applications interact with their environment over the network. Ballerina is a general-purpose programming language with features optimized for these network distributed applications. It is easy to write and modify and is suitable for application programmers.

How is Ballerina different?

Services: First-class language constructs for providing and consuming services

Sequence diagrams: The structure of functions and programs allows them to be viewed as sequence diagrams showing the interactions between concurrently executing parts

Structural typing Allows for looser coupling between distributed components and eliminates the friction of data binding

Metadata: Extensible metadata enables easy integration of Ballerina programs with cloud platforms

Batteries included Not just a language but a complete ecosystem, including a standard library, module repository, testing framework, and documentation system

Familiar: Designed to feel familiar to anybody with experience in popular C-family languages such as C/C++, C#, Java or JavaScript